Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You are SAFE being a ModGyrl

EEEKKK!!!!!! so there is some speculation about lead being in lipsticks! If you are concerned about lead in lipstick you may wish to read this link by clicking here (

Ummmmmmm I don't know about you but LEAD???? on my LIPS??? ummmm NO MAM! thanks! See one thing about being in the family of ModGyrls, you do not have to worry about harmful ingredients or chemicals on your lips. I make each liquid lipstick out of the heart of love, care, sincerity, and genuine concern in a safe, clean, non smoking, non pet environment. Even after your lip color starts to wear off, there is still a softness and smoothness that is evident on your lips. My BIG order will be in next week and I am proud to say that the official product will finally be ready to purchase NEXT WEEK!!! So for everyone that has been wondering and hitting me up about the product next week is YOUR week! lol!

Don't forget to blow them ModGyrl kisses at me.....

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  1. Hi I really like your blog and thank you so much for stopping and commenting on our blog Notorious.Styles. We really appreciate it and I like how you make your own product. Keep up the good work :)