Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hi ModGyrls! new website is now up and running! So you can order from there now.....check out ModGyrlCosmetics.com

Here are some photos from last weekend's ModGyrl Lippie Event "MadHatter's Tea & Luncheon"

Monday, April 30, 2012

ModGyrl's swag just got turned up another notch!

Sexy Lips + Sexy, hot, fierce, and talented singer & performer Niqe rockin ModGyrl = a collaboration that is about to EXPLODE! Niqe and her pretty girl swag  has just turned ModGyrl's swag up to another level. Niqe is currently a brand ambassador for ModGyrl liquid lippes, and ModGyrl could just shout from the rooftops the excitement to take on this new project. To learn more about Niqe and to hear her amazing voice, please visit her web site at www.Niqe-Neg.com. 2 divas #atthesamedarntime paving the way for a prosperous future and living their ultimate dreams. Niqe said it best "life is a series of phases, you've got to believe in your dreams and live without any regrets."

I'm living my dream and living without any regrets! #TeamModGyrl #TeamNiqe

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Ladies are READY!!

These ladies have finally made there debut.....introducing from left to right.....
Summer In Miami
Frisky Kitty
Pin Up Gyrl:
Prima Donna:
Ms. Vikki
Vintage Pearl:
Just Barely
My Antique Coin
**When ordering please note two different payment prices. The $10.00 dollar lippies are for the ladies with two row rhinestones (more in inventory), and the $12.00 lippies is the price for the whole top to be covered in rhinestones (more in inventory).** I will be adding squeeze bottle lippes to the site in a day or two. Go get em ;-) FREE SHIPPING UNTIL 3/23/2012

Squeeze Tubes in all colors NO RHINESTONES INCLUDED: 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You are SAFE being a ModGyrl

EEEKKK!!!!!! so there is some speculation about lead being in lipsticks! If you are concerned about lead in lipstick you may wish to read this link by clicking here (http://www.cosmeticsandtoiletries.com/regulatory/region/northamerica/139513388.html?utm_source=newsletter-html&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CT+E-Newsletter+02-22-2012)

Ummmmmmm I don't know about you but LEAD???? on my LIPS??? ummmm NO MAM! thanks! See one thing about being in the family of ModGyrls, you do not have to worry about harmful ingredients or chemicals on your lips. I make each liquid lipstick out of the heart of love, care, sincerity, and genuine concern in a safe, clean, non smoking, non pet environment. Even after your lip color starts to wear off, there is still a softness and smoothness that is evident on your lips. My BIG order will be in next week and I am proud to say that the official product will finally be ready to purchase NEXT WEEK!!! So for everyone that has been wondering and hitting me up about the product next week is YOUR week! lol!

Don't forget to blow them ModGyrl kisses at me.....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

ModGyrl Logo

Now doesn't this make you wanna just blow ModGyrl kisses? Its like a inner force in your insides that makes you just wanna reach in your purse and glaze them lips. Listen to the voice, you know you hear it...don't fake it....oh you hear it alright....its saying pucker...pucker.....pucker...you hear that quiet voice? Blow..blow....blow...blow!! Its ModGyrl!!! Blow em to me! LOL!!! anyways....here's the logo....!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rep yo color!!

Let me see yall blow them ModGyrl kisses at me.....rep yo color! I will be posting pics as they come in...

This ModGyrl on the left is reppin Summer in Miami

Me reppin Prima Donna
Chels in Summer in Miami rocking it BOLDY and more toned down in Sheer

Me reppin "the cats meow" on Valentines Day.....perfecto!

Dannie B wearing "Prima Donna" 

Toya wearing the cats meow and wintage pearl mixed for more of a toned down color 
Me reppin "Vintage Pearl"

Me wearing "Pin up Girl"

Richara wearing "Lace Corset"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are you a ModGyrl?

So I have decided to take a few secs from all the hustle and bustle of this day and explain to all my ModGyrls what it means to be Mod! No need in saying Mod this and Mod that, and O YES I'm a ModGyrl if you don't even know what it means.....so its educating time. I decided to go with the term "Mod" because it has two terms in its definition that really stood out to me. Mod means: stylish-fashionable, up to date, or being in the vanguard of style. Stylish-Fashionable stood out to me but what really raised an eyebrow for me is the term VANGUARD. Vanguard means a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, the leading position of a movement, field, or cultural trend.  Am I stylish and fashionable? CHECK, am I up to date ? CHECK, am I someone who is leading the way in new developments and cultural trends DOUBLE CHECK!!! Are you an innovator, inspired, a leader, a strong woman, not afraid to back down, a dream chaser, a fighter, don't take no for an answer, faith filled and driven, trendy, stylish, beautiful inside and out, a survivor? Then you my beautiful sistah are definitely a ModGyrl! Don't let anyone tell you different. Be an innovater and dare to chase the dreams that God has put on the inside of you. There are all things that we have wanted to do since we were little kids, you can still do it, its not to late. If you put your mind to anything, don't give up, and put God first, then who can stop you? You are beautiful, you are a ModGyrl.

Hugs and Kisses! 
Make a lasting impression, now pucker up and blow them ModGyrl kisses in your new ModGyrl custom color :-)